Premium .com Domains For Sale

   An abundance of new domain extensions are on the market right now and many have a lot of appeal. But if you're starting or expanding a business venture your wisest choice would be to have a keyword dot com domain name that at least suggests what your company is all about.

   Dot online or dot xyz may be just fine for many, but a casual surfer might not recall your website domain if it does not have an easy to remember extension in the address.  An ideal domain for business have only a few words (ideally one) and is easy to pronounce and can describe your market identity at first site.

   True, there are many well-known business with a once-upon-a-time seemingly meaningless domain name composed of a word or two that have now become recognized globally.  But most often these are multi-billion dollar businesses that have million-dollar advertising budgets. If you are in that club you have my permission to move on.

    For the rest of us, it might be worth a modest investment to help make your business more recognizable online. If you have any interest in the domain names below you can get a price by clicking on the chosen domain. You will be directed to Sedo, a world-renowned domain name marketplace. All transactions will be facilitated by them in an efficient and safe and secure manner. The domain names in red are hosting websites for demonstration purposes - Price available from the Top Menu...

We do not buy domains and the ones we sell generally have a fixed price. The possibility of an 'offer you can't refuse' is rare but not impossible. In any case, if you wish to contact us use the form below. Your email will be for messaging only and will not be added to any promotional list. Copyright 2016