Treadmill Bike

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With a rapidly growing interest in fitness and exercise in the United States, is an ideal domain name suggestion for an established seller of treadmills and exercise bikes. The phrase is brief, memorable and encompasses a broad swath of the exercise equipment market. With the exception of  “exercise bike,” its difficult to conjure up a descriptive phrase that so neatly describes this particular fitness niche. There over 700 searchers who type in the exact phrase “treadmill bike” (see below) each month and over 800 who include it in a particular phrase.

An added bonus for some distributors is that the phrase ‘treadmill bike” also refers to a new product (see photo above) that offers a quality, outdoor treadmill workout without the  pavement pounding while also eliminating expensive gym membership fees.

In either instance, with considerable search competition, an astute marketer could  make good use of this generic, keyword domain name by drawing in type-in traffic to either a main website, an ancillary specialty site or as a redirect.

A  search for the keywords ‘treadmill bike’  on Ebay or on Amazon reveals hundreds of treadmills and various exercise bikes with a variety of styles, colors and electronic enhancements, while a similar search in the Yellow Pages lists the following: Exercise & Fitness Equipment, Health Clubs, Exercise & Physical Fitness Programs, Bicycle Shops, Sporting Goods, Personal Fitness Trainers, Gymnasiums-Equipment & Supplies.

Obviously, this an extremely competitive market with Google advertising price in excess of $3 per click. A cost-conscious online marketer could benefit greatly from an exact match domain name like

Affiliate and/or niche marketers could also make good use of this name  (If you are looking for monetization beyond Adwords and the larger retailers, has over 3,000 merchants that would happy to oblige).

This website domain name is registered at Buyer will need to set up a account if they do not already have one. It is free and only takes a few minutes to set up.

For Resellers and Adsense Marketers:

Keep in mind that their are almost 100,000 indexed pages for ‘treadmill bikes’ on Google. The name was first registered in 2008.

The domain names sold for in $81,250 in December, 2012 and sold for $1,000 in August, 2004. sold for $1,466 in March, 2013, while bikefitness sold for $2,200 also in March, 2013.

Adsense Keywords ‘treamill bike’ Cost Per Click Evaluation:

Broad match has medium competition with 6,600 global monthly searches & a $3.06 CPC
Phrase Match has medium competition with 880 global monthly searches & a $2.79 CPC
Exact Match has medium competition with 720 global monthly searches & a $2.49 CPC
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