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Taphophiles is a relatively new term that describes a tombstone tourist (otherwise known as a ‘cemetery enthusiast’ or ‘grave hunter’ or “graver”). These are individuals who have a passionate interest in cemeteries. This usually involves collecting epitaphs, gravestone rubbing, photography, art and the histories of notable deaths.

The term has been most notably used by author and biographer Scott Stanton as the title of his 2003 book, The Tombstone Tourist : Musicians , on the lives and gravesites of famous musicians. Tombstone tourists are usually more interested in the historical aspects of cemeteries or in the historical relevance of its residents. You can read more on this link to Wikepedia.

Taphophiles.com would make an ideal site name for one of the many amateur and professional enthusiasts for cemeteries and graveyard lore. This could include historians, photographers, artists, geneologists, archaeologists, taphophile groups and bloggers from all walks of life.

If monetization is of interest there are hundreds of books and professional works of art devoted to this fascinating subject and its avid hobbyists, as well as various cemetery tours and travel guide companies that are devoted to visiting locations that enlighten our understanding of the past.

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