Ribs Restaurant


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Ribsrestaurant.com is a memorable, precise and descriptive domain name for a  popular kind of contemporary dining in the U.S. and  many countries throughout the world. Saavy restaurant owners who wish to stand out from the crowd will naturally see the value in this domain name as either a standalone website to name your business or as a redirect to your main site as way of garnering direct, type-in traffic with a sector-defining  phrase that will help your business shine amid the superficial listing found in local search engine results or the desultory listing of a local business directory.

This website domain name is registered at GoDaddy.com. Buyer will need to set up a GoDaddy.com account if they do not already have one. It is free and only takes a few minutes to set up.

For Resellers –

Ribsrestaurant.com was originally registered in 2001. There are  49,700,000 indexed pages for the phrase “ribs restaurant” in Google.

The domain names  farmhouserestaurant.com sold for $2,373 in January 2014 and lumberjacksrestaurant.com sold for $1,100 in February, 2013, while ribeyes.com sold for $2,000 in May, 2011 and barbequesgalore.com sold for $999 in April, 2009.
The latest key word match data from Google Adsense for ‘ribs restaurant’ is enclosed:
Broad match has low competition with 12,100 global monthly searches and a .87 CPC
Phrase Match has low competition with 2,90 global monthly searches and a .88 CPC
Exact Match has low competition with 320 – 720 global monthly searches and a .68 – 1.29 CPC


Yellow Pages listings for ‘Ribs Restaurant’ has over 2,000 businesses within the categories of Barbecue Restaurants, American Restaurants, Steak Houses, Take Out Restaurants, Banquet Halls & Reception Facilities and Caterers just within the state of California alone.

As always, the value of a good domain will be enhanced immeasurably with thoughtful white hat search engine optimization.


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