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The personalized gifts and clothings sectors have always been popular choices for discerning shoppers, with thousands of small businesses and affiliate websites offering some form of personalization for an ever-expanding  selection of products.  ‘Monogrammed Handbags’ perfectly describes a profitable niche within this marketplace, and a memorable, keyword domain name like is a perfect brand marquee for the thousands of products that fall within this sphere and could be a valuable addition to the marketing efforts of  a market savvy entrepreneur.

Ebay currently has over 20,000 listings for ‘monogrammed handbags,’ while Amazon lists over 300. This gives you  some an idea of the overall competitiveness of the market and how a premium, keyword domain name might help your business capture some type-in traffic and increase online sales.

Marketers of these handbags will find this domain name to be an extremely helpful advertising tool – either as a standalone site, ancillary lead-in or as a redirect to your main website.  as valuable, virtual real estate that could supplement your online marketing efforts and help reduce Ad Cost expenses that often exceed $1 per click (see below).

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The domain appraisal site Estibot gives  a valuation of $1,900. The name was first registered in March, 2004 and has one drop.

The website domain names sold for $950 in February, 2011 and sold for $1,000 in August, 2006. sold for $5,000 in January, 2011.

 Here is the Google Adsense cost per click evaluation for ‘monogrammed handbags’:

Broad match has High competition with 9,900 global monthly searches and a $1.28 CPC
Phrase Match has High competition with 170 global monthly searches and a $1.10 CPC
Exact Match has High competition with 110 global monthly searches and a $1.09 CPC

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