Memory Loss Drugs

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In a time when the population is aging and research for a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease is often front page news, would make an ideal website domain name for anyone interested in the topic and/or would like to share resources about the multitude of traditional and alternative remedies that are currently being offered by authors, physicians, vitamin and health stores, homeopathic healers, yoga practitioners and clinical trial recruiters.

Whether as a blog, forum, niche or authority site, or simply as a commercial enterprise offering some of the more popular potential drugs now on the market, this domain name offers an excellent keyword rich beginning for the aspiring webmaster. Established marketers of pharmaceutical products, health care supplies and memory enhancement products will surely see the potential of this domain name – either as a standalone site or as a redirect. A simple search for the keywords ‘memory loss drugs’  on Google shows 0ver 500,000 indexed pages.

Affiliate and/or niche marketers could also make good use of this name (If you are  looking for monetization beyond Adwords and the larger retailers, has over 3,00 merhcants that would be happy to oblige.

This website domain name is registered at Buyer will need to set up a account if they do not already have one. It is free and only takes a few minutes to set up.

For Resellers: was first registered in 2009.
Keywords ‘memory loss drugs’ Cost Per Click Evaluation:
Broad Match has High competition: 4,400 global monthly searches & a $1.40 CPC
Phrase Match has High competition: 170 global monthly searches & a $1.06 CPC
Exact Match has High competition: 110 global monthly searches & a $1.11 CPC

(The abbreviated keywords – “memory loss” runs that gamut from low to high competition with Cost Per Click in the $2.00 range)

The domain name  sold for $520 in May, 2012, while sold for $500 in February, 2011. sold for $1,500 in March, 2012, while sold for $13,000 in August, 2011.

The domain appraisal site values at $1,400.

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