Hollywood Barber Shop

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Hollywoodbarbershop.com is an instantly recognizable domain name that says it all about your business and it will help define your establishment in a competitive marketplace in one of the larger Hollywood communities in the United States.

Memorable, keyword domain names of this kind, particularly ones with the traditional and world-recognized dot com extension (as in 1-800 compared to, say, 1-866), have a lasting value. Additionally, for a few hundred dollars, an investment in a premium domain can save you thousands of dollars in advertising costs over the years.

Whether you use it as a standalone website as the name of your business or as a redirect to your main site to garner direct, type-in traffic, Hollywoodbarbershop.com  online neon sign that will help your business stand out in the crowd of bland and non-descriptive listings found in local search engine results or in the mind-numbing listings of local business directories.

This website domain name is registered at Godaddy.com. Buyer will need to set up a Godaddy.com account if they do not already have one. It is free and only takes a few minutes to set up.

For Resellers –

Hollywoodbarbershop.com  was originally registered in 2008. There are about 36,600,000 indexed pages for the phrase “hollywood barbershop” in Google. There are about 8,090,000 results for the phrase “hollywood barber shop.”

There are several Hollywoods in the United States. In Florida, Maryland, South Carolina, Alabama and, of course, the famous neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, to name a few. All have their fair share of barbershops.

The domain names hollywoodlounge.com sold for $3588 in March,2013 and hollywoodmuseum.com sold for $1288 in August, 2013, while hollywoodphoto.com sold for $1,876 in June, 2012,  and hollywoodmansion.com sold for $1,200 in January, 2011. Barbertools.com sold for $1699 in June, 2013 and barbersbooth.com sold for $540 in February, 2012 while barberschool.com sold for 17,138 in March, 2008, and barbersource.com sold for $2444 in July, 2007.
The latest key word match data from Google Keyword Planner for ‘hollywood barber shop’ is enclosed:

Broad match has low competition with 1,586 global monthly searches and a 2.23 CPC

Exact Match has low competition with 590 global monthly searches and a .82 CPC


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