Extreme Swim

Domain Specifications

Extremeswim.com is an exact match keyword  domain name that captures the endeavors of a unique group of marathon swimmers who battle their way across ocean landmarks like the English Channel, Cook Strait in New Zealand, the Tsugaru Channel in Japan and portions of the artic seas, all the while enduring cold, wind, waves, sunburn, currents, jellyfish, flotsam and the the occasional shark. These exploits have created a group of athletic heroes, swimming clubs and associations for like-minded individuals, extreme swim tours and extreme swimming pools, extreme swimwear lines, blogs, forums, authors and video producers – all of whom could enhance their online marketing efforts and identites with a domain name like Extremeswim.com.

The value of an exact match domain (EMD)  has considerable value to online advertisers and marketers, and this name has the additional usefulness of being a “brandable” that could help create a corporate/business identity. It’s easy to remember and easy to pronounce and has the authoritative and world recognized .com extension that is invariably typed in by internet searchers when trying to remember a domain name they can’t quite recall.

This website domain name is registered at GoDaddy.com. Buyer will need to set up a GoDaddy.com account if they do not already have one. It is free and only takes a few minutes to set up.

For Resellers:

Tthe latest key word match data from Google Adsense for ‘extreme swim’ is enclosed:

Broad match has medium competition with 2,400 global monthly searches and a $.95 CPC
Phrase Match has low competition with 260 global monthly searches and a $.92 CPC
Exact Match has low competition with 36 global monthly searches and a $1.04 CPC

The website domain names extremefitness.com  sold for $25,000 April, 2013, extremebike.com sold for $1,466 March, 2013 and extremebasketball.com sold for $1,000 February, 2011, while swimswimswim.com sold for $1,095  March, 2013 and loveswim.com sold for $1,750 August, 2012.

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