Exercise Tables

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For those involved in the sale of exercise and physical fitness equipment, exercisetables.com is an ideal domain name suggestion for a wide range of merchandise that includes massage tables, toning tables, inversion tables and physical therapy tables.  its difficult to conjure up a descriptive phrase that so neatly describes this particular fitness niche.

There over 93,500,000 search results on Google for the phrase ‘exercise tables’ and these keywords serve as the root for many other popular searches that include: passive exercise tables, motorized exercise tables, electric exercise tables, exercise tables home and exercise tables for sale.

A  search for the keywords ‘exercise tables’  on Ebay or on Amazon reveals hundreds of this popular form of exercise furntiture in all shapes, sizes and colors, while a similar search in the Yellow Pages lists many more merchants in the fitness exquipment marketplace.

With many exercise equipment merchants and considerable search competition,  an astute marketer could  make good use of this generic, keyword domain name like exercisetables.com  by drawing in type-in traffic to either a main website, an ancillary specialty site or as a redirect.

Affiliate and/or niche marketers could also make good use of this name  (If you are looking for monetization beyond Adwords and the larger retailers, shareasale.com lists over 200 merchants  and 84 products in the  exercise equipment sector).

Please keep in mind that we are selling the domain name only and that the site we have developed is simply for demonstrating the name’s potential. If you have some interest in retaining the contents of the site, please contact us using the form below. Otherwise, products will be removed upon completion of the sale and transfer of the domain name.

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For Resellers and Adsense Marketers:

The domain names exercisedoctor.com sold for $2,488 in March, 2013 and exercisestoloseweight.com sold for $2,500 in February, 2011, while
exerciseplans.com sold for $1,606 in February, 2011 and exerciseballs.com sold for $17,500 in July, 2008. Hockeytables.com sold for $894 in September, 2012 and kidstables.com sold for $3,000 in May, 2012, while cafeteriatables.com sold for $705 in April, 2008 and accenttables.com sold for $2,350 in January, 2007.

Adsense Keyword Planner ‘exercise tables’ Cost Per Click Evaluation:

Broad match has low competition with 18,056 global monthly searches and a $1.16 CPC

Exact Match has high competition with 110 – 320 global monthly searches and a $0.45 –  $0.66 CPC

As always, the value of a good domain will be enhanced immeasurably with an investment in careful and thoughtful SEO services.


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