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14 more end user domain name sales

Domain Name Wire - 2 weeks ago
This week's Sedo sales list was headlined by opensourcecms.com. It was an operating site and the buyer is some sort of dev shop, so you might be able to chart it as an end user sale, but should...

Interesting sales data: domains that have sold multiple times

Domain Name Wire - 1 week ago
DnPric.es, a site that compiles domain name sales data, has a cool section that shows domain names that have sold more than once. It's a great dataset to see how people have done owning domains...

18 end user domain name sales up to $30000

Domain Name Wire - 4 weeks ago
A cartoon artist, event management company and photography company bought domain names over the past week. This week's public Sedo sales were headlined by Trustwork.com, which was purchased by a...

More end user domain sales up to $35000

Domain Name Wire - 1 week ago
Sedo's top reported sale last week was cryptonews.com, but the domain is still in escrow so I can't chart it as an end user. It probably will qualify as I doubt the buyer picked it up as an...

Scrambling After an Egg Crisis – EU Safety Guidance for Online Product Sales

The National Law Review - 4 hours ago
To determine jurisdiction over companies based outside the EEA, authorities will consider if the company offers products online to the EEA market on the basis of the following criteria: use of an EU...

10 notable NameJet sales last month including PuffDaddy.com

Domain Name Wire - 2 weeks ago
DealSpot.com $4,201 – A wonderful brand name for a deals site. In fact, it used to be one. Enon.com $3,433 – Did no one at NameJet, which is part owned by Enom, see this domain come up for sale?...

112 new .ie domains registered every day in first half of 2017

Irish Tech News - 13 hours ago
615 two-letter .ie domain names and 36 one-letter .ie domain names have been registered. These short, catchy domain names are in high demand. Indicating their value, the two-letter .ie domain name...

Track your outbound domain sales with PipeDrive

Domain Name Wire - 3 weeks ago
There are lots of tools for managing inbound domain sales leads, such as Uniregistry Market and Efty. But there aren't any that make it easy to handle outbound sales efforts, and most CRM systems...

Aron Meystedt sells OC.com and XF.com in same week

Domain Name Wire - 6 days ago
Domain investor Aron Meystedt, who is also an entrepreneur-in-residence with Heritage Auctions, announced in an email this afternoon that he has sold both the OC.com and XF.com domain names. Meystedt...

GoDaddy Quarterly Sales Rise on Overseas Expansion

Fortune - 1 week ago
GoDaddy reported a 22.3% rise in quarterly revenue, as the website domain name provider expanded its customer base and earned more from each user, boosted by its acquisition of Host Europe Group...

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