Digital Piano Repair

 Domain Description is one of those domain names that says it all in a brief, encapsulating phrase. It is a Yellow Pages Category Heading and is an ideal website domain name for a digital piano repair service and establishments who wish to boost their online marketing efforts with a precise, memorable domain name that will undoubtedly draw a lot of type-in traffic from the search engines.

While The Yellow Pages displays numerous listings in each state and city, is a generic domain name that does not limit your business to any particular geographic area, and will help you stand out from the crowd with a category-defining, easy-to-remember site name that  can be a profitable addition to your digital piano repair business – either as a standalone website or as a redirect.

This website domain name is registered at Buyer will need to set up a account if they do not already have one. It is free and only takes a few minutes to set up.

For Resellers and Adsense Marketers:

The domain sold for $3,005 in August 2012. Similarly, sold for $1,000 in July, 2011 and sold for $1,490 in Feburary, 2012.

Google search reveals 230,000 indexed pages with the phrase ‘digitalpiano repair,” while Bing shows over 10,000 pages.

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Broad match has High competition with 1,600 global monthly searches & a $2.04 CPC
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Exact Match has High competition with 140 global monthly searches and a $2.30 CPC
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