Customized Souvenirs

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The customized gift market is a growing one, with thousands of small businesses and affiliate websites offering some form of customization for a wide range of products. An easy-to-remember, keyword domain name  like  embodies the thousands of items that fall within this shopping sector and could be a valuable addition to the marketing efforts of the right entrepreneur.

A simple search for the keywords “customized souvenirs” lists over 1,530,000 indexed pages on Google.  A search for those keywords on Ebay shows 58 active listings, while Amazon lists 870 results. This gives you  some an idea of the overall competitiveness of the market and how a premium, keyword domain name might help your business capture some type-in traffic and increase online sales.

Marketers of customized sportings goods, memorabilia, cups, watches, posters, license plates, glasses, plates, t-shirts, wedding, baby and engagement party gifts, or  sellers of all of the above could find this domain name to be an extremely useful advertising tool – either as a standalone site or as a redirect to you main website. Consider to be valuable, virtual real estate that could supplement your current marketing efforts and help reduce  Ad Cost expenses that often exceed $1 per click.

This website domain name is registered at Buyer will need to set up a account if they do not already have one. It is free and only takes a few minutes to set up.


The domain appraisal service Domainindex gives  a valuation of $1,660. The name was first registered in 2009.

The website domain names website domain names sold for $425 in January, 2014 and sold for $1,300 in August, 2013, while sold for $500 in February, 2011. sold for $2,500 in January,  2011, while sold for $500 GPB in June, 2011, while  sold for $3,106  in February 2006.

A quick search in the online Yellow pages reveals hundreds of sellers of  Customized Gifts, shirts, Baby Gifts, etc., while a search for ‘souvenir’ reveals a considerable number of listings for Souvenir Shops, Souvenir Stores, Souvenirs Wholesale, Gifts and Souvenirs, Novelty and Souvenir Shops.

As always, the value of a good domain will be enhanced immeasurably with an investment in thoughtful keyword search optimization.



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