Start-up enterprises can benefit from technology domains that are brief, memorable and easy to pronounce. Keyword domain names are the ideal choice at a time when voice search is becoming ever more popular.

Free Texting Service

Domain Details could be an extremely useful domain name for the online marketing efforts of texting sites that profit from advertising revenue, non-profit organizations that employ texting, an open source intranet platform or a text messaging start up company that has a tier-based membership structure.

This domain name is the root of several other online search phrases: free texting service online, free texting service for teachers, free texting service from computer, free texting services like chacha, free texting service for iphone, free texting service for Android, etc. Employed either as a standalone site or as a redirect,  can help your business or organization stand out from the crowd and either complement or reduce cost per click advertising that can often exceed $3 per hit.

This website domain name is registered at Buyer will need to set up a account if they do not already have one. It is free and only takes a few minutes to set up.

For Resellers:

This domain name was originally registered in 2008. Google shows about 37,300,000 results for the phrase ‘free texting service.’

The domain names sold for $2,993 in May, 2013 and sold for $1,695 also in May, 2013, while sold for $1,500 in November, 2012 and sold for $1,488 July, 2012. sold for $1,047 in March, 2013 and sold for $1,500 also in March, 2013, while sold for $2,188 in February, 2013 and sold for $785 in January, 2013. sold for $500 in January, 2011..

Adsense Keywords ‘Free Texting Service’  Cost Per Click Evaluation:

Broad match has Medium competition with 2,976 global monthly searches & a $3.54
Exact Match has Medium competition with 731 – 880 global monthly searches and a $2.22 – $3.07 CPC
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