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You can target specific consumer interests by using redirects or auxiliary sites comprised of home & hearth domains.

Delicious Pasta Recipes   Domain Details is a memorable premium domain name that includes a website that could be further developed into an authority/tutorial/blog site for chefs, cooking afficiandos, recipe collectors and/or affiliate marketers. Monetization possibilities include the hundreds of cookbooks and video programs devoted to Italian cooking and pasta recipes, as well as various recipe directories, kitchen accessory outlets and fine cuisine providers. The site, as it is currently constituted, includes a growing list of chicken pasta, meatless pasta, seafood pasta and pasta sauce recipes. This website domain name is registered at Buyer will need to set up a account if they do not already have one. It is free and only takes a few minutes to set up.

For Resellers and Adsense Marketers:


Keywords ‘delicious pasta recipes’ Cost Per Click Evaluation:
Broad match has low competition with 2900 global monthly searches and a $1.05 CPC Phrase Match has low competition with 1000 global monthly searches and a $1.03 CPC Exact Match low competition with 720 global monthly searches and a $.98 CPC sold for $12,500 in April of 2012, while sold for $45,000 in January of 2012.
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