California Fruit Baskets

Site Name Details is an ideal domain name choice if you are a seller of fruits and gifts, either as a standalone website or as a redirect to your main company site.

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The domain appraisal service Estibot gives a valuation of $630.00. The name was first registered in 2007, while the .net extension is currently an active website.

The website domain names sold for $3,000 in December, 2006, while sold for $1,600 in February, 2011 and sold for $142,500 in Feburary, 2008.

The Yellow Pages has a multitude of listings for fruit baskets, gift baskets and gift shops just in California alone.

If you have an interest in possibly reselling this domain you might be interested to know the Google Adsense cost per click evaluation for ‘california fruit baskets’:

Broad match has high competition with 590 global monthly searches and a $3.12 CPC
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