Bunny GiftsDomain Description

Bunnygifts.com would make an ideal choice for your domain name if you are for an established seller of novelties and gifts, either as a standalone site or as a redirect. Do a simple keyword search for the keyword ‘bunny’ on Ebay or on Amazon, and you’ll get an idea of the multitude of items that fall within the bunny gifts category.  Affiliate and/or niche marketers could also make good use of this name  (If you are looking for monetization beyond Adwords and the larger retailers, shareasale.com has over 3,000 merchants that would happy to oblige).

Please keep in mind that we are selling the domain name only and that the site we have developed is simply for demonstrating the name’s potential. It’s indexed in the major search engines and registered with Alexa. If you have some interest in retaining the contents of the site, please contact us using the form below. Otherwise, products will be removed upon completion of the sale and transfer of the domain name.

This website domain name is registered at GoDaddy.com. Buyer will need to set up a GoDaddy.com account if they do not already have one. It is free and only takes a few minutes to set up.


The domain appraisal service Estibot gives bunnygifts.com a valuation of $640. The name was first established in 2005.

The website domain names Bunnygames.com sold for $5441 in January, 2008 and Noveltygifts.com sold for 22,000 in April, 2007.

The Yellow Pages has a multitude of listings for Collectibles, Gift Shops, Toy Stores, Stationery Stores, Art Goods and Crafts and Pet Stores throughout the United States.

If you have an interest in possibly reselling this domain you might be interested to know the Google Adsense cost per click evaluation for ‘bunny gifts’:

Broad match has medium competition with 1,300 global monthly searches and a $.77 CPC
Phrase Match has high competition with 480 global monthly searches and a $.86 CPC
Exact Match has high competition with 170 global monthly searches and a $.54 CPC

As always, the value of a good domain will be enhanced immeasurably with an investment in  thoughtful white hat SEO techniques.


Transfer details will be sent to you shortly after purchase.