Antiquities Market

Domain Name Definition is a brief, descriptive website domain name that describes and embodies the procurement and sale of valuable artifacts and could be used by a dealer of these precious treasures in almost any country on the planet. Likewise, it could be used as a main portal for the entire worldwide market by one of the many auction houses or antiquities traders that seek online marketing exposure.

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This website domain name is registered at The buyer will need to set up a account if they do not already have one. It isfree and only takes a few minutes to set up.

For Resellers: was first registered in 2007.

The Yellow pages lists thousands of businesses that can have an association with antiquities: Auction Houses, Antique Dealers, Art Galleries, Jewelers, Coin Dealers, Carpet Dealers, etc.

There are a considerable number of dot com domain names that end with the word ‘market, including which sold for $3,000 in April 2013 and which sold for $2,787 also in April, 2013, while sold for $2,100 in March, 2013 and sold for $7,000 also in March, 2013.

Adsense Keywords ‘antiquities market’ Monthly Cost Per Click Evaluation: 
Broad match has Low competition with 262 global monthly searches & a $.81 CPC
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