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Site Name Marketing And Memorable Domain Names

Company experience with website sales dates back to 1996 and appreciaton for the potential of the internet and online interaction was cultivated in the days of bulletin boards and services such as Compuserve and, later, Prodigy.

We’ve come to appreciate the value of an online presence for any service, business or blogger who wishes to make their particular brand or expertise more fully appreciated and understood by a larger audience.

This may come as no surprise to younger generations, but there are still many enterprises for whom the internet remains a fad, an unnecessary expense or an undertaking that remains too technically challenging for the average small business owner.

This is gradually changing, of course, and Site Name Marketing hopes to fill a gap by providing both experienced and novice marketers and opportunity to help build their brand with memorable, precise website domain names that can help them standout in the competitive search engine environment.

We believe, and the evidence supports us, that while SEO techniques such aslinking and unique content creation can ultimately lead your site to the top ofthe engines, exact match domains (EMDs) are often the foundation of thisendeavor.

A clever, off-beat brand name may indeed suggest that your enterprise isspecial and provides a unique online experience but, at least initially and until your site establishes its identity, potential customers or subscribers will not be finding you easily when doing an online search. They will be typing in the words that describe what you do, but rarely for your unique,  what-was-that-cool-website? company name. Naturally, we have nothing against cool names for a start-up but, if your looking to establish your brand, you might want to consider some exact match website domain redirects until your enterprise is established.

In sum, Site Name Marketing is strong believer in the power and value of concise, memorable domain names to enhance the promotional efforts of youronline projects. The brief, but transformative history of the World Wide Webwas has shown that not only will these valuable investments give your site anextra marketing boost, but the financial worth of the right domain name -independent of, or in addition to, the profitability of your website – will appreciate over time.

SEO Friendly Domain Names For Large And Small Businesses